The Health of Our Puppies

The health of our dogs is our top priority!

goldador puppy nutritiongoldador puppy nutrition
goldador puppy socializationgoldador puppy socialization
goldador puppy vaccinationsgoldador puppy vaccinations
goldador puppy traininggoldador puppy training

Great Start Nutrition

We believe that high-quality nutrition is extremely important in the growth and development of healthy puppies. The best nutritional start possible is initiated through feeding mamma dog and puppies raw in combination with premium kibble. Good nutrition during gestation and after birth is crucial to the foundational building blocks that positively impact your puppy’s lifetime health. The raw portion of their diet includes organic chicken and beef, and goat milk without GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones.

Puppies grow at a rapid rate and goldadors generally come from large litters. To ensure everyone is getting optimum calorie intake, each puppy is weighed daily for the first two weeks and then weekly after that. They are also carefully monitored and rotated on a feeding schedule. Puppies are then introduced to solid food at 4 weeks and follow a natural weaning schedule initiated by the mother dog.


We want your puppy to be well adjusted by the time they go to their forever families. To help with this, we work extensively at exposing them to people of all ages, having them experience walking on many different textures, and making sure people wear hats and carry umbrellas around them too. We will also have a few practice car rides and get them used to nail clipping as well.

Vaccine Protocol

Careful selection of core vaccine schedule is a foundation component of canine health and longevity! We care about the lifetime health of our puppies and consider it our responsibility to minimize immune system assaults that could lead to disease including cancer and allergies in the future.

Our recommended vaccine protocols are based on extensive research and the advice of immunization experts. You will be provided with a lot of information to assist you in making the choices you feel are best for your puppy.

Upon request, your puppy will receive one vaccination for parvo prior to going to home OR you may choose to postpone this to a later date to be done by your veterinarian. Either way, we believe you, the puppy parent, should be involved in this very important decision.

Training Puppies For Their Forever Home

We know the first couple of months of training your puppy is difficult and time-consuming. We want to do our best to help you out with that! Beginning at just two weeks old, your puppy will begin the process of potty training, crate training, and learning to come when called by using positive reinforcement. This DOES NOT mean that they will be fully potty trained or crate trained but they will be on their way! We will send you home with information on how to continue this training and the importance of crate training.